Naughty Hippo Finale

  • Posted on: 8 December 2019
  • By: Nathan Yeager

In 2008 I drew my friend Tiffany having her bra stolen by my mascot character, Hippo the Penguin. I should have asked first (and would always do so going forward) but luckily she loved it. Then another friend asked for a drawing of her like that as well. Before I knew it, I had a series on my hands.

In college the idea of drawing women openly in a revealing manner was scary. I thought I'd be looked at as creepy or perverted. But incorporating a cute penguin made it ok somehow. It added a touch of comedy to each piece and echoed the "pervy but funny" vibe a lot of us had grown up with in anime.

But now that I'm in my 30s things have reversed. The idea that I would be drawing artistic nudes is to be expected. It's seen as an important part of an artist's field of study. Throwing in a penguin to steal underwear, however, almost adds an air of perversion. As if the piece is trying to tap into some unique fetish. That's how it feels to me atleast.

Either way, now that I've drawn over 50 girls, I figured I had reached a good stopping point. But I wanted to give the series a proper ending. It took me almost all of 2019, but I managed to draw almost all of the 50 Naughty Hippo girls again. All those that consented to being drawn again, anyway.

Thank you to all those who agreed to be in the series over these 11 years. And thank you to all who enjoyed the series.

It seems Hippo has finally learned his lesson, and returned all that he has stolen. So all that me and him have left to say is: