• Posted on: 20 August 2018
  • By: Nathan Yeager

Sadly yes. My poor little, never bothered anyone, website got hacked.

My IT guy says it wasn't targeted and had something to do with cryptocurrency mining?
For those of you who didn't see, earlier this week my website changed to a very strange scene. L33T text claiming the site had been hacked and an image of some asian dictator?
Thankfully my IT guy (who is my hero) was able to fix things up, and patched the security issue to keep it from happening again.

So YeagerComics is back!

Thank goodness because while I'm here, how about an update?

31 of 41 pages are done and I'm currently working on the cover. I want to have this issue out by the end of the month!
If you'd like to read those 31 pages, PLUS all future pages as I complete them, PLUS every unreleased Gotta Make Fast Happen, you can do that at patreon.com/yeagercomics for only $2 a month!

Otherwise hopefully issue 11 of Heaven Gate will be ready at the end of the month for everyone on YeagerComics.com for free.